Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Matching Dresses

Rarely do the girls have matching clothes. I think this is the third outfit they have had the same. Mostly it is because I LOVE my hand-me-downs and HATE spending money on clothes I know the girls will quickly outgrow, stain, or rip.

But, I won a coupon to Old Navy for $50.00 off a $100.00 purchase, so off to Old Navy the family went. Audra fell in love with this dress, and it was the only dress that happened to have a matching counterpart, so since we were getting them for 1/2 off thanks to the coupon (making them $4.00 each) we caved and bought the dresses, with the excuse they are their Easter dresses.

Audra was elated! She has basically worn this dress every day (at least for a few minutes- remember, her outfits change regularly), including at times to bed. She loved that they had "tags" on them.

I never thought I would be a mom who had to match her daughters, but I will also admit it is fun seeing them match. I just love my two cuties!


  1. Chris. You have girls. I don't think you should ever feel like you have to justify buying them cute clothes. Enjoy it.

  2. Yeah, honestly you do do a great job at saving so much money on groceries and being frugal on other areas of your life I imagine too. It's SOOOO important for girls to grow with self confidence and to feel beautiful not only on the inside, but yes the outside does matter too. That's what helps her feel confident around others. Makes her feel good about herself!! I think it's sad that she got excited over the fact that her new dress had tags. :( Children are just like us. They feel so special and cared for when they get something new. Love can not be bought, and it definitely is not "spoiling" children when you buy them NEW clothes off the clearance racks at Old Navy or Target for 3 or 4 dollars when you'd do the same at Goodwill. I get clothes for my boys for 99 cents ALL the time at children place outlet... it's not about brand name either, but you can get brand name clothes that are brand new and kids deserve brand new clothes every now and then!! I hope Audra is able to get more new dresses with tags on them! She obviously loves clothes and that is NOT a bad thing! Indulge her every now and then and let her feel beautiful!!! SHE DESERVES IT!!! You shouldn't need an excuse to buy your daughter a brand new dress that makes her feel special and beautiful. She'll feel beautiful on the inside for it and it will make her shine on the outside!! Go AUDRA!!!!

  3. Something tells me I will be spending A LOT of money on clothes as the kids get older:) Got to save now while I still can! I do need to get her some more dresses, though- she is literally tearing through all the ones she has now. There's some consignment sales going on this weekend I will be heading to! And don't worry, Jen- these girls are plenty spoiled in a million ways, even if their clothes aren't always brand new!