Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Christmas

These are the 6 giant boxes that came to help us get started on our Thanksgiving/Christmas project: 
 Kitchen before:
 This was our "pantry." I HATED this, but I used it for two years. It is really an old entertainment center that is incredibly wobbly- in fact, the doors had to be shut using a rubber band because they wouldn't stay shut on their own. The shelves were flimsy and had to be held up using cans of food, taking up much needed space. So, yes, it was functional to some extent, but not really.
 We assembled the new kitchen island which is bigger than the old one and fills up the space much better. Plus, it has a breakfast bar which is awesome. We had a lighted pot rack installed and took out the horrible flourescent lighting we used to have. We put in two pendant lights over the bar by the sink to have some separation from the kitchen to the family room. Then, we replaced the old entertainement center with a hutch that came in three of the huge boxes from the pictures above. It took all day to set up the island and the hutch, but they turned out fantastic and were much cheaper than anything we saw in the stores already assembled. The hutch has been wonderful- I no longer have to go downstairs everytime I make dinner to get the ingredients. I now have plenty of storage, and it has been such a huge blessing and improvement!

Since we have bought our house, we have been forced to do A LOT of improvements because of things breaking or causing holes in our subfloor. But, fixing the kitchen to make it truly functional has been something I have deparately wanted, and truly we needed. While our kitchen space was huge, it was not functional at all-  no counter space and zero storage. Now, that is all changed. I may not have granite countertops or stainless stell appliances, but I have a place to put everything! I actually enjoy cooking in this kitchen now! And, I should say, this kitchen gets used- a lot! It is not just a pretty kitchen, it is a busy kitchen! So, now I feel like I have my dream kitchen, which is a good thing because Ben made me promise I wouldn't do any more renovations for at least 5 years!


  1. It looks great. You'll have to invite us over for dinner sometime! HA HA!

  2. Love it! Alex and I have a pot rack ion a box we got years ago and I can't wait for the day we can install it. Your kitchen in gorgeous!

  3. Whoo hoo! It looks great! I know your pain with less-than-great kitchens so I'm excited for you. :)

  4. The kitchen looks great, are you ready to come and do mine!