Sunday, January 2, 2011


OK, I know it's actually the 2nd because I was lazy yesterday, but the date was SO cool that I decided to use it today!

Since I just did the top 10 of 2010, I thought I would write my 11 predictions/goals/whatever I want to say about 2011:

11. Audra starts Sunbeams (see next post for clarification)

10. Claire talks in full senteces and got no broken bones (the last part would be a miracle- but we will hope for no emergency visits! Seriously, I have never met a child who is so adventurous!)

9. I lose 25 pounds (I have finally decided it is time to lose the baby weight- blah. I am not looking forward to it, but I bought a mini-stepper which is pretty cool so I think that will help)

8. Ben begs for a new computer (he just got his new TV, so I am certain his next necessity will be a computer)

7. Ben travels for work (I hope he gets to go someplace cool so I can go with him!!! Part of his job requires traveling but so far he has not  had to)

6. Dollar collapse (this is obviously a downer...but I am making predictions, and I just don't see how the dollar can continue to sustain itself for another year without some serious measures being taken...I think this year will be very interesting for the United States in that regard. We'll see.)

5. Audra will start pre-school and I will cry her first day

4. Claire will be enrolled in a tumbling class

3. Ben and I will get away WITHOUT the kiddos for a small trip

2. Lady Gaga will wear a dress made out of meat
    Oh, wait....

1. Overall, life will probably continue on the same as usual (unless #6 happens. Or a war with North Korea starts. Or all the crazy weather causes mass food shortages and riots. Let's hope those don't happen and that #1 happens instead!)

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  1. I SO hear ya on the "no broken bones" thing. A has now figured out how to climb into the bathroom sink and stand up all by himself. I find him on the kitchen table all the time. Even window ledges. I intend to blog about this very soon, I am just collecting photographic "evidence" of his escapades.
    I hope you're wrong about the state of the economy. I think if the dollar collapsed, the calamity that would ensue would be far greater than we would anticipate. But, I know you're into all that kooky last-days stuff. ;)