Sunday, June 29, 2008

Best Roommates EVER

When I was in college, I absolutely had the BEST ROOMMATES known to mankind. We did everything together and were the best of friends. (In fact, there was one time a guy asked both Mandy AND me out on a date because he said we were inseparable and didn't want to ask one of us out without the other one). I was reading through my old journals, and I realized once again how important they were in my life. We helped each other through boyfriends, finals, major life decisions (like careers!), spiritual trials, and everything inbetween. It's funny, because Ben didn't know them until we got married and so he doesn't understand, but some of the other husbands knew all of us too well because they married my roommates while we were all still living together, so they totally understand that when we get together, things can get a little crazy!

Anyway, Ben and I drove down to Portland (from Seattle) for my annual roommate reunion. It is hard to believe, but this was our 7th reunion! We try, as best we can, to get together once a year, and these gatherings have been very special as we reminisce about our BYU days and catch up on where our lives are taking us all now. We are all at different points in our lives and are spread out around the country, but nevertheless- we are still amazing friends, and I feel very blessed that they were and are in my life.

Ben and I drove down early Friday morning. This year, only two of my roommates were able to make it (I hope the rest of you were all jealous!). We went to The Grotto- this amazing outdoor cathedral and worship area to Mary which is inlaid on the bottom of a cliff. Then, you can take an elevator to the top of the cliff, where they have AMAZING grounds to walk around and views of the city- it was amazing. I am not Catholic, but I have a great respect for their religion and beliefs, and I found The Grotto to be a beautiful, amazing, and very spiritual place.

Here are the roommates who attended the reunion: Kristin, Katie, and MeHere is a little family picture at the gardens on top- it was so beautiful!
Then yesterday we drove to Oceanside and went to the beach. It was such a relaxing and beautiful day!!! Audra absolutely LOVED the beach- she would run out into the water so that she could feel the water run over her feet. She was freezing so we would take her back to the warm sand, only to have her immediately turn around and run back to the water. Then, she would take and try and pick up sand and couldn't understand why it would run through her fingers and was so difficult to hold. It was fun to see the world through the eyes of a one-year-old.
Ben was great with Audra- playing with her in the sand- I was once again reminded of how grateful I am that I married a man who is such a wonderful father!
Katie's husband, also named Ben, made a ditch in the sand for Audra to play in. He and Katie are expecting their first baby in September, and it was awesome to see him with Audra and Kristin's baby Spencer- I know he is going to be a great dad!

Here are Kristin, Alan, and baby Spencer. Even though the baby is crying in this picture, he had a great time as well! (For the record, both Spencer and Audra were AWESOME- Audra is no longer our fussy, ornery baby- she was stuck in the car seat A LOT the last two days, and took very few naps and had to sleep in a hotel, but she didn't fuss at all and was the happiest, most wonderful baby- I will no longer say she is ornery!!!!)

After the beach we went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Because it was Saturday, they were not running any of the mahines. Ben and I had been there once before, but it was last July 4th so they were also not running the machines. Maybe next time we go we can go on a work day! Nevertheless, the ice-cream was the best in the land! Here are Katie and Ben S. eating their little bit of heaven. (I didn't ask any of you if I could post you on my blog, so if you don't want your pictures here, let me know! Same goes for you, Danielle!!!)

Then it was time to say good-bye. It was really sad. I got the pit in my stomach that I used to always get when I would visit them in UT and then have to head back to CO. It is always hard to say good-bye, and it is hard to explain how important my roommates were and are to me. It is awesome when you can meet people who change your life in a positive way and who stick by you no matter what. I hope we all stay in touch with each other forever!!!!!!

(There were 6 of us total who truly became the best of friends and ended up living together at BYU for 3 years or maybe more. However, I had several other roommates my freshman and sophomore years who I am/was also very close to- some who I would really like to get in contact with or stay in touch with- so if you are out there, post to my blog so we can get back in touch!!!!)


  1. It looks like you had fun and I'm glad Audra cooperated and had a blast as well! You never know when they have limited nap time. Kristen and Katie look exactly the same as they did in college (and so does Alan, especially with his hat on).

  2. glad you are having so much fun. so fun to visit with old roommates who are lifelong best friends. i too LOVE my old AZ roomies. They are all so amazing and they sustained me and helped support me through all my trials. They are such great friends til this day. I'm so grateful for great friends. I think you knew that! ;)

  3. We LOVE Tillamook dairy products. I'm jealous you got to go there. It's on our list of places to visit.

  4. That is such a great tribute to your college friends. Mine are near and dear to my heart, but we don't stay in as close touch, and we haven't ever done a reunion (although we have contemplated it several times). The Grotto sounds like an awesome place and is the only thing you listed that I haven't been to, so now I have another reason to go to OR. When we visited Tillamook last summer it wasn't operating then either, you guys must have bad timing! Audra is at a great age, you are going to have a lot of fun being her mom.

  5. I am so gald you are having a great time. There is nothing better tehn reuniting with old friends. I love WA.