Saturday, June 21, 2008

Look out, Cache!

Everybody knows that I plan on Audra marring Cache, but now he is getting some competition (sorry, Jen:)) Last night we had a wonderful evening at my friends Adam and Lisa and Audra had her first "dinner date." It was cute- Audra would lean her head toward Joshua and Joshua would wipe his hands in her hair. Then, Audra would throw her sippy cup at him.

Audra had a blast playing with Joshua, which actually consisted quite of bit of Audra bonking him on the head. Not the best way to win a boy's heart, but Adam said it was ok because Joshua needed to man up and get tougher!

I had a blast meeting with Adam and Lisa. I have known Adam since 6th grade in Mr. Inglebritson's class. Meeting with him reminded me again of how grateful I am for the wonderful friends I had in high school. We went to a pretty ghetto school where there were plenty of drugs and alcohol, but none of us were ever even approached to drink or do drugs. We were never tempted to do anything like that, and we had such a tight group of friends that we kept each other strong. I will always be grateful for that! Especially in high school, friends are incredibly important- and I had some of the best friends anybody could ask for!


  1. Okay, honestly now, our high school was not THAT ghetto.

  2. We had a fun time, too, and we're so glad you and Audra were able to come over! It was great for Joshua to have someone his own age to play with and wipe his hands on :) When they go to Prom, I promise he will use a napkin and not her dress. He even took a few steps yesterday, so Audra must have taught him something! Have fun in Oregon and I hope your flight back will be as great as your flight here.

  3. you're funny. :) glad you guys are having a good time.

  4. @Danielle:

    Yes, yes it was THAT ghetto. We just never got involved in a lot of the seedier stuff going on there. Apparently it has only gotten worse, along with the rest of Federal Way.