Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Grandma Fun

Audra and I flew (without Ben) yesterday to Seattle to visit my parents. To my surprse, she was great on the plane. I had been very nervous, and I was lucky because I sat next to this wonderful woman who was a grandma and just loved playing with Audra. I feel very blessed to have had her sitting next to us!

She has also done a great job even though she is in a new environment with new people, new house, new crib, and no daddy. Everything was going great, until about 7:15 Colorado time when she started freaking out. It was very rough getting her to fall asleep- I rocked her to sleep twice and twice she woke up as soon as I put her in the crib. I felt so bad for her! It must be tough, and she doesn't understand. But, tonight she was great- didn't fuss at all! Maybe she will sleep in later than 5 AM tomorrow morning! (Gotta love the time change!)

Here are some pictures of her adventures at Grandma's:

Alicia taught Audra to throw all of Grandma's CD's on the floor. What fun!

I couldn't find Audra and was calling for her looking for her, when I found her by the plant. The above picture is how Audra ended up (who knows how much dirt she ended up eating...)

Here is how the plant faired:

Guess I will have to watch out for the poor plant!!!!

On another note, we have some good news on the house. A young couple looked at our house a couple of weeks ago and they really liked the place. They don't know if they want to live in the suburbs or in downtonwn Denver, so they are going this week to look at some places downtown. If they decide to stay in the burbs, they will put an offer on our place!!! We feel relatively optimistic because in that price range we don't think you could find a very nice place downtown. Wish us luck!


  1. We should definitely get together while you're here. Maybe Audra can teach Joshua how to walk :)

  2. Cute pictures. I understand that it can be difficult traveling with out dad. Good luck and good luck with the house sale. I hope it goes through.