Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Taking the Plunge

I finally decided to get my haircut- much to Ben's dismay. He likes long hair, but he is not the one who has Audra pulling it all the time, so he lost that battle!

Here Jeanine and I are at her house getting ready- men wouldn't understand, but all you ladies know what this is like! The bonus is that we had a showing on our townhome inbetweeen when I had to process and when I could take everything out, so I drove home like this to quickly clean the house! I got some strange looks!

Here is Audra getting into the action

The finished product

You can't see it real well, but I took off almost 6 inches, and I LOVE it! A new hair cut just feels great- fresh and new, and this is perfect for the summer time!

And here are Jeanine's glamor shots- I think she looks GREAT- she has such fantastic hair! She is just so beautiful- Dan is a lucky guy!

This next picture has nothing to do with getting hair done, but I wanted to show you what Audra does now every time we put her in her booster seat to eat:

Isn't that so cute?


  1. It looks great, and I think shoulder length is not too short and a great length for summer. I've been meaning to get my hair cut too. You've inspired me and maybe I'll do it today.

  2. Very cute! And I understand about kids pulling on the hair issue. My hair is a lot shorter than yours and Joshua still manages to give it a good yank when he can.

  3. it must be hair cutting season. i've got an appointment to get mine done on saturday. i'm just sick of logan pulling on it all the time.
    and your hair looks great!

  4. you both look great! congrats! you look like a new woman!

  5. Looks great! You go girl! Hey, we are selling the rental (Terry's mother's property) and we are still very much in the midst of renovating our new home. So even though it can be confusing, we are still moving in August to our fixer up and selling the rental we are now in and that we have been living in since we moved here.

    Give that cute girl a squeeze!

  6. I like it! I tell Rich all the time, just because I am a mama doesn't mean I don't like to remember that I am also a woman; it is still nice to get all decked out sometimes! It looks like you had fun, and it looks great!