Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 of 2010 2010 REALLY over?!?

I thought this year I would look for the highlights, and post the TOP 10 OF 2010!

10. Claire starts nursery (we snuck her in a few weeks early- she isn't supposed to start until January 9- but she loves it, and the teachers didn't mind so we went for it! YIPPEE- this is a REALLY big day at church when the little one finally gets to go to nursery!)

9. Audra starts dance class

8. Straight No Chaser concert- such a fantastic night!

7. Audra has her first big Birthday party

6. Ben finally gets his big screen TV

5. Claire and I go on a mommy/daughter trip to Logan, UT for my roommate reunion
4. Completed our food storage! (well, is it ever really complete?)

3. Christina becomes obsessed with the Last Days in what she believes is a healthy appreciation, but Ben thinks is a little psycho

2. Three week trip to Seattle to visit my family- it was unbelievable!!!!

And the NUMBER ONE (by far!!!!) BEST THING TO HAPPEN IN 2010....

1. MY DAD BEAT CANCER!!!!!!!!!


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