Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Party, Take 2

I have been told if you do something once, it is an experiment. If you do it twice, it is a tradition. So perhaps hosting an egg decorating/easter party is now a tradition. But, I hope it gets easier as the kids get older!!

We have been so blessed that Audra has so many awesome little friends- honestly, there is a group of girls her age who are just awesome (and I LOVE their moms, which makes everything so much nicer!). Claire isn't so lucky- she's the only girl her age- but the big girls love her, so it all works out.

Last year- due to lack of motivation on my part to decorate eggs- we invited her friends over to do them with us. It didn't go over very well, as after 1 egg all the girls were ready to be done. This year we invited them over again, and I think it went much better. It was pretty crazy- 8 girls running around trying to decorate 36 eggs, 24 sugar cookies, paint a little plastic bunny, and do the Bunny Hop. Whew! Thank goodness there were several moms who helped me out- I could not have done it by myself!!! And, thank goodness for a backyard where the girls could go and run out their energy!

Without further ado, here are the pictures:

 I put Claire in her high chair, and she seriously just sat there nicely for almost the entire time. Except when she saw the cookies- then she cried until she got one. Then she sat nicely again for another 20 minutes. Here she is giving me back the last of her cookie:

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