Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sunbeam Teacher Jackpot And The Passion Behind It

Every week in primary (children's Sunday School), Audra's teacher does something amazing. They planted peas and got to take them home one week. One week they did finger painting and the teacher made them each their own aprons. Audra's favorite is a flashlight they got to take home- a reminder that God created night and day and we should be grateful. This week, however, she really outdid herself:

The lesson was on how God created animals, and for each of the 7 kids in her class she made finger puppets. The faces, stripes, and whiskers are all embroidered on. Then, she embroidered on Noah's Ark and their name. They have a carrying case where the animals go to sleep, as Audra says.

 I am hoping you can see some of the detail on these zebras- everything is embroidered.
Seriously, has there ever in the history of the world been a Sunbeam teacher who did so much for their kids? I totally feel like we won the Primary Lottery to get her. This teacher is a dear friend of mine, and her daughter is one of Audra's best friends. It is such a blessing to have somebody who loves the kids so much working with Audra!!!

This project alone must have taken her weeks to make. I told her this was an heirloom and Audra's kids would someday play with them. She said if some of the animals get destroyed or lost she would make new ones for me so they can be an heirloom.

Kathy has a huge passion for the kids and for the opportunity to work with them. I have to admit I am a little envious of her passion. I suppose right now my passion is geneaolgy- from which I am getting carpul tunnel- but there's not really anything in my life that has me so excited that I stay up until 2 AM because I have to get it done.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my life right now- seriously, I do. There is nothing I would rather be doing than staying home with the kiddos. I realize this sounds contrary, and I am not sure how to articulate this in a way that makes sense. It is not that I do not fill fulfilled, because I absolutely, 100% feel fulfilled. I do not miss work, I do not miss much of anything- I LOVE this phase of my life.

But, I do miss having that passion- that drive- to do something great. I am going to a volunteer fair tonight, and I am hoping to find a volunteer opportunity there that I can get passionate about. Preferably something where I am directly helping the poor, will only take a few hours a month, and will not take away from me being my kids' mom at all.

I guess there are some things I am passionate about:
-My kids
-Genealogy/temple work
-I'm getting more excited about organic foods and my own gardening- this summer will be a test
-Serving in my church calling (I hate to admit it, because I know someday this will happen but right now is not a good time because I have little kids, but I would really love to be a seminary teacher- that is something I would get very passionate about, and with my teaching background I am pretty sure I would be good- I know, I am cursing myself and asking to be humbled)

Ben wishes I would put "cleaning" on that list, but that will never happen!

Does this make any kind of sense? Now I am just rambling...any thoughts out there on what drives you (in a good way)?


  1. I'm totally with you. I think this is what I was complaining about a month or two ago. I just can't get passionate about dishes and laundry, huh, wonder why?
    I go through crafty phases, but mostly I'm not into that. I'm not great at sewing so I usually end up disappointed when I dig into those kinds of projects. I think I would be passionate about photography if I could afford a nicer camera, but that is another story. I am passionate about decor but again, can't afford to really do it. Etc., etc., etc. A lot of evenings I find myself just sitting and watching a movie or surfing the news on the web (which usually angers me). I enjoy baking and cooking, but I have to be careful on the baking because otherwise we will weigh 300lbs a piece. ...and so life goes on with the status-quo... which is really a blessing, I must remind myself.

  2. Perhaps we've agreed all along:)

    It really isn't that I'm unhappy or bored or whatever, and I really don't want things to change. It would just be nice to have one small thing that really got me excited. Things come and go, admittedly. For awhile I was really into politics, and I still am to an extent, but now I get too frustrated with all of the name calling and whatever to have it be any fun anymore. And, laundry will never be my excitement! I'm hoping to find something at this volunteer fair, but we'll see. It really has to be something up my ally for me to get passionate about it.

  3. Wow, you really did hit the jackpot. That is pretty awesome that someone would take that much time for her primary kids!

    I totally understand where you are coming from. I often find myself thinking the same things. My problem is finding time, or taking the time I suppose. I have all these things I want to do and am very excited about but there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day. Maybe when the kids get older I will finally find the time (although I'm sure it will be filled with something else).

    I hope you are able to find something tonight because you are awesome when you get really passionate about something and you really make a difference (MLK day). Do you know if they still do that?

  4. The stuff Audra's teacher does is simply amazing! She is one lucky girl to have such a teacher!
    I'm lacking in stuff to be passionate about. I've lost it long ago. Sam has even noticed so he's forcing me to find something that I can have just for me and enjoy. Still working on it, but one day I'll get that spark back (I hope).

  5. Yes, MLK Day is still going strong! There wasn't an article in any of the papers after the day this year to see how many people went, but I saw them advertising it beforehand. I do think that is one of the coolest things I have done- it might even be cooler than having children.