Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Cuties And The Fair

I couldn't resist posting some pictures of my cuties.

Claire is eating so her face is a little funny, but I wanted you to see her bow. For the first time, Claire actually ASKED to have her hair done, then she picked out a bow that she wanted. She has only worn a bow about twice before because she always pulls them out. But, dang, she sure is cute with a little pink bow in her hair!

Then, this little girl has some big news: She is no longer wearing a diaper to bed! For the past several months she has woken up dry, but I have been too afraid to switch her over at night. But on Saturday I asked her if she wanted to wear underpants to bed and she laughed and said, "NO! That's silly, mommy! I wear a diaper to bed!" So every night I asked her if she wanted to wear underpants, and every night I got the same response. But last night she came up to me and said, "I want to wear panties to bed!" And, she did, and she woke up dry and very excited, so I think we are done with diapers for her completely. (I never bought the Pull-Ups, they seemed like a waste of money to me, and Audra can put on her own diaper and take it off, so she didn't need them)

Volunteer Fair Update: I went to the fair. There were dozens of places seeking volunteers. Some of them seemed kind-of cool, and certainly they were all great causes, but none of them had that, "oh, I HAVE to do this one!" feeling. I did get excited because a couple of places need volunteers for helping organize big events, which I enjoy. We'll see. Like I said, I am incredibly happy with life right now, so I don't want something that I just think is cool- I have lots of cool stuff in my life. I want something that I think is unbelievably awesome and I just HAVE to be involved with in a small way. It would be much easier if I just really LOVED scrapbooking and that's what I delved into!

I just had the thought that maybe baking cookies will be it. I mentioned earlier that book that had the woman who made 2 pies a week to deliver to people who she thought needed a smile. Maybe I'll bake cookies with Audra once a week and we'll deliver them. Hmmm....maybe that's it. I like that it's a service that Audra and Claire can help me with, and it's something that wouldn't change my lifestyle or make me have to get a sitter. And, I would have complete control over it (I like having control), and I could choose who to give them to and it would be different people each week. It wouldn't change the world, but that isn't really my goal. I will have to think about it some more.

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  1. It's funny that you post about undies at night today. Just yesterday we made the decision to put N BACK in pull-ups at night because we were tired of him waking up 2-3 times a night and needing help to go to the bathroom (he's afraid of the bathroom at night in the dark). Also since he invariably dribbles a bit in his undies he ALWAYS needs a fresh pair. We felt like we were getting up with a newborn again. Now that he is back in pull-ups, he might wake up a little wet but he sleeps through the night. We'll take it - even if it probably sends the wrong message. :)
    Glad Audra is doing so well. May you not have our issues.
    I like your cookie idea. :)