Thursday, April 7, 2011

What To Do When Claire Gets Sick

I can't complain, we have had a very healthy winter. But, Claire has come down with a head cold and so we are currently under house arrest. This wouldn't be bad if both the kiddos were lethargic and merely wanted to lie around watching TV. But, no. Both are as wild and crazy as ever, which is difficult when cooped up- as I know many of you have also discovered! So while Claire was taking nap #1 today, Audra and I baked some cupcakes and then after Claire woke up we delivered them to some of Audra's friends. It ended up being a great way to kill some time! And who wouldn't love to answer the door to this sweet face?

Audra made some cards for each of her friends. I thought we would just go to one or two houses, but then Audra started listing off the names of all her friends, and I realized we didn't make enough cupcakes. Sorry if you didn't get any....      


Then, after Ben came home, I was able to go BY MYSELF and score some pretty sweet deals. I knew there was a consignment sale coming up, so I called a friend who is always super involved with it to see if she was going to the pre-sale, when all the volunteers can go in advance of the general public. I was hoping she might be willing to try and find something for me.  She offered to give me a pre-sale pass to go myself! SCORE! I went and got all the shoes for $18.50!!!  Normally, one pair of shoes costs about $15, so I would say I did pretty dang well! Girls need so many pairs of shoes, it starts early!
Some of you might think buying used shoes is oh so disgusting. Well, I don't- and shoes are incredibly expensive, especially when you need summer, winter, black, white, sandals, water shoes, etc. I'll take the cheap shoes whenever I can!

Not surprisingly, Audra was incredibly excited when I came home with the new shoes! Even though they were all too big for her, she insisted on trying on every pair and walking around the house. She would exclaim, "these aren't too big- they fit!" Even though they didn't. Here is our model with one of her new pairs:
Then, because this at least started out as a baking post, here is a cute little story:
Last week, King Soopers had their bakery cookies on sale, so I bought some because Ben loves them. Audra came home and saw them on the counter. She sighed a HUGE sigh, put her head in her hands, and exclaimed in complete exasperation:
"I cannot believe it! WHY did you buy CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES?"
I replied, "Because they were on sale and daddy loves them."
Again in complete disbelief, she  cried,
I guess according to her, CCC must always be made from scratch!


  1. how fun that we are having such different parenting experiences with the different genders. :) I take Nathan shoe shopping and to EVERY pair of shoes available, he goes, "umm. No, I don't like those." insisting on his one and only ratty pair of shoes. I can't even get him to wear church-appropriate shoes. He'd rather wear slacks and running shoes. It's a little over-the-top in the other direction from what you are experiencing...btw: blogger is having me type in "wingyroo"

  2. So I'm guessing N has never woken you up at 6:15 saying, "mom, I really want to go downstairs and try on my new shoes"? That was our lovely experience this morning- yes, boys and girls are definitely different!