Monday, July 11, 2011

The Check-Ups

Today was Audra's 4 year-old check up and Claire's 2-year-old check up.

Here are Audra's Stats:
Weight: 36 lb (54%)
Height: 42" (86%)

BMI: 18.8% (85% is considered overweight, so she is doing pretty well!)

Claire's Stats:
Weight: 24 lb (15%)
Height: 34" (42%)

The other day I asked Claire what her name was. She said, "Audra 2." I do not know where she got that from! We have NEVER called her that- I am a middle child, I don't want her having the same complexes I had!

As we were in the car driving to the doctors, Audra asked if she and Claire would have to get shots. I told her I thought Claire would have to get one, but that she wouldn't. So she said, "Claire, you are going to have to get a shot and you are going to cry." I told her not to tell Claire that she would cry and Audra said, "I promise, she will cry!"

The biggest surprise was that the doctor discovered that Claire has a double ear-infection, and a really bad one at that. She said she can't believe that Claire is even able to sleep with it. Well, I guess when you are always fussy, then when you are fussy for a reason nobody knows! (Actually, she hasn't been fussy at all the last few days- I would have never known there was anything wrong)

Claire is starting to tattle on Audra. The other day she went up to Ben and said, "Audra take stroller!" We know this is just the beginning of the sibling rivalries.

Speaking of rivalries, Audra always wants to wear Claire's clothes. It is rather frustrating- you all know Audra has plenty of her own clothes and she doesn't need Claire's clothes. But, she always wants what isn't hers. Sound familiar, anyone?

Let's see...most everything about the girls you already know from this blog- there isn't much else to say. I did want to document their stats, however. So, I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of my two favorite girls:


  1. Haha! Both of your skinny girls have surpassed both of my skinny boys in both weight and height! :) I can't wait to get all the kids together again soon!

  2. Audra didn't have to get shots? Josh did at his 4-yr-old check up. Maybe Colorado does all the shots at the 5-yr-old check up.

  3. Lisa- they called them "kindergarten shots" so since she's not going into kindergarten I decided to wait a year- it seemed like really she just needs them sometime. My doctor was really relaxed about it.

    D- Audra even has a very slight belly- it's super cute!