Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Day At The Beach

Well, it didn't get into the 90's, or even the 70's, but we still had a great time at the 
beach with some awesome friends!

I love beach pictures- especially the kiddos in contrast to the vast ocean. Here is Audra dipping 
her toes in the water. She insisted it wasn't cold, but it really was a cold day.

 That is a smile, folks!
 I told you it was cold!

Here's the best picture I could get of all four kiddos:
One of the great blessings of my life has been wonderful friends. I have always had amazing friends, and friends who I have had for decades who I am still close to. I am hoping our kids will get
married so we can be family as well! Time will tell...


  1. HAHA! Well, sorry for being late, getting us lost and then having to settle for McD's for lunch. Some great friend am I. ;)

  2. It was a perfect day- the drive through the neighborhoods and all!

  3. Cutie Patooties! We know all about cold beaches too.