Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Princess and the Mermaid

The other day I scored an awesome bag of dress-up clothes. We have a Bargain Blast, which is basically a Craigslist for our area, and somebody posted a free bag of dress-up clothes that they had sitting on their porch. This was at 7:30 AM. I immediately e-mailed back and said I wanted them. After 10 minutes, I hadn't heard back so I called and left a message. After 10 minutes I hadn't heard back, so I decided to drive over to this lady's house. The clothes were still there, but nobody answered the door, so I took the clothes and called and left another message, something to the effect of "I know I am now bordering on stalking, but I came over and took the clothes and if you already promised them to somebody else, I will bag them up and bring them right back."

About 2 hours later she called and said, "I actually had promised them to somebody else, but you are incredibly passionate about these clothes, so please keep them." (I did call this other person who she had promised them to and offered to split the bag, but she never called me back)

These clothes are AWESOME!!! They all have zippers, not just Velcro, and they are very well made. There are all the princess dresses, a bunny and butterfly costume, lots of other Halloween costumes, and there was even a doll and a My Little Pony thrown in. Audra has been in dress-up heaven (have I mentioned how much she likes clothes and dress-up?), and Claire is even getting in on the fun. What a great blessing these clothes are!!!! Sometimes it pays to be just a little crazy!

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