Saturday, July 9, 2011

Claire's Birthday

We have been contemplating for awhile what to do for Claire's Birthday, and this morning we finally decided to go to the Renaissance Festival. It was a great decision, even though the traffic was horrible. We really had a fantastic time.
 Here we are eating about the worst food in the world. Well, at least here is Claire sitting at the table where we ate the worst food in the world. You are (of course) not allowed to bring in your own food- which is totally fine, we realize they are in the market to make money. But, the food was quite horrible. In fact, Audra refused to eat hers, even when offered pop as a reward for eating it (just kidding, she would eat it, but ONLY if she got a sip of pop after every bite).
 The king and queens' parade

 Audra LOVED the king and queen (anybody surprised?)
 These next few pictures were in the kids play area which was great. This was a butterfly ride which was manually pushed by two ladies. Audra loved it.

 This was the best picture I could take of Ben and the girls. Audra kept turning around saying "NO!", Claire refused to look at all, and Ben just wanted me to stop trying.
 Here's the best family picture. Sometimes, you just have to laugh and move on:
 This is my second favorite picture of the day:
 We caved and bought Audra a headpiece. Sometimes, I really think we spoil our children, but then how could we resist something that we knew would make her so happy?
 After we came home (completely exhausted) we had Grandma and Grandpa over for dinner, cake, and presents. They were generous and brought the DQ ice-cream, our favorite!
 Here we are singing to Claire

 She couldn't blow out the candles by herself, but luckily Audra was very willing to help out:

 Sisterly love right before opening presents:
 And, my absolute favorite picture of the day:
Do you notice what Claire has on her face? A SMILE!!! I finally got it!!!!! I don't care that Audra's face is completely squashed, I was finally able to capture a smile! Priceless!!!

What else was priceless, that I wasn't able to get a good picture of, was Claire and Audra playing with one of Claire's Birthday gifts. Ben and I got Claire a Dora Castle (OK, it was a hand me down from a friend, but then we bought her some dolls to go with it- that was the gift from Audra). These girls played with it for over an hour, until it was time for bed, then went to bed crying because they wanted to keep playing. In fact, Audra kept opening her bedroom door because she had to keep peeking at the castle, so we had to take it downstairs.

It was so cute watching them play. Claire was practically hyperventilating as she moved the dolls from one room to another. There was a horse and carriage that they each took turns taking around the house. It was so cute- they have never been more excited for anything in their short lives!!! It was a great day, capped off with a great Birthday party!!!

Happy Birthday, Claire!!!

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  1. Wow, two already! I'm glad you had a fun day and that we finally got to see her cute smile. I loved the castle story. Sisters are so fun!