Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ignorance is NOT bliss

I had to respond on my blog because I received the same totally ignorant e-mail twice, and it is so rediculous and ignorant, that I can not believe anybody is naive and stupid enough to forward such crap on! I don't care who you are voting for or what political affiliation you are, ignorance is ignorance, and it must be stopped!!!

The e-mail had a picture of Obama's plane (see below)

and then goes on to explain that Obama replaced the American Flag with his symbol and he is therefore anti-American and we should all be ashamed of him etc, etc, etc.

So, I looked up McCain's plane:

Do you see an American flag? Zoom in all you would like- you won't see it becuase it is hidden underneath the wing and is smaller than the "M" in "McCain." It may as well not be there, and if they are going to hide it and be "ashamed" of the flag by hiding it and making it non-existent, then they should be ridiculed MORE than Obama!!!

OK, but here is why I am really ticked off- are we as Americans really stupid enough to vote for our next presidend based on what a plane looks like, and not on issues and ideals we individually hold dear??? It is the lowest form of intelligence who basis their opinion on a piece of machinery!!!!! I can't believe people are so ignorant to pass along that crap!!! First of all, if Obama is anti-American because though his symbol looks like the American flag but it is not, then McCain is just as repulisive because he hides the American flag! Either way you look at it, it is not justification to vote or not vote for somebody!!!!

If you want to talk issues, I would love to talk issues, but PLEASE do not send me ignorant propoganda that has NOTHING to do with anything!!!!


  1. A big reason why I am loving living in England, no more endless smear campaigns or silly publicity stunts during the presidential race. There is no coverage of the race here, at least I am not following any coverage they may have. I didn't even know there was something going on about their planes, and that is something I am happy to be ignorant about. :)

  2. You nailed it right on the head- it's just smear campaigning, and I really am sick of it (it is on both sides, do not get me wrong- and I am sick of it on both sides!)- talk the issues, not these side track items that have absolutely no bearing on whether or not you will be a good president! UGHH!!!

  3. Huh. I had not heard about this particular issue...still shaking my head over the randomness of tire gauges and how out of proportion that whole thing got blown. You must admit that this is quite a strange campaign this year. I hate election years and will be glad it's over but am grateful to my husband for helping me to not hate it quite so much because of his own interest in it. At least the olympics are a nice distraction.

  4. But how are the truly obtuse people supposed to criticize Barack Obama if they cannot focus on completely insignificant symbolic things? You know, flags on planes, lack of flag pins on lapels, etc. I mean, if they can't be stupid about that sort of stuff, then they might actually have to figure out what each candidate stands for and make informed decisions. The horror! It's much easier to just do what your favorite pundit says to do. And they say to focus on things that don't matter whatsoever, and forward emails about those things. After all, what better way to advance your agenda than by the most annoying, stereotypically uninformed way possible: forwarding emails.