Tuesday, August 26, 2008

She's Just So Cute

Ben bought Audra this baseball cap and she just looked so cute in it I had to take a picture! We had just come in from a walk to the mailbox, and she knows she needs to take her shoes off when she comes inside. This is the progression of her taking her shoes off:

At this point, she always get a little stuck- she can't quite actually get the shoe off after she unvelcroes, so she kind of swings her leg around hoping it will fall off until Ben or I eventually intervene.
Now she is ready to run around the house, getting into everything- her favorite thing to do!
What a cutie!


  1. Wow, that's pretty cool that she leaves the hat on. Joshua usually pulls his hat right off whenever I try to put it on him.

  2. She will leave the baseball cap on (for a short while) but not other types of hats. I guess it was a good purchase just for that reason! I think she will wear it because Ben wears a ball cap, and she wants to be like him!