Thursday, August 14, 2008

Martha Stewart

Awhile ago I used an idea from a Martha Stewart magazine (what a homemaker I am!) and made grocery bags out of t-shirts, and I wanted to share the idea because they are awesome, free (if you are like me and have a million t-shirts sitting in your closet), totally eco-friendly, and I actually make money every time I use them! (Every store I go to gives a 6 cent discount for bags, and I usually bring 6 bags, so that's $0.36 a week, which works out to be $18.72 a year- go me!!!)

Step 1: Choose your t-shirts- smaller sizes work best because they don't seem to stretch as much and are therefore more durable.

Step 2: Cut out the sleeves and cut your neck whole bigger (sleeves are the handles, neck whole is the opening to put the goods in) (sorry the picture is sideways)

Step 3: Turn the t-shirt inside out and sew the bottom.

Simple as can be! And, you definitley make a statement when you go to the grocery store- all the check-out ladies know me as the bag lady now! But, when to buy a reusable bag costs anywhere from $2.00- $30.00, I think these bags are the best!!! Let me know if you decide to make some and how they turn out!

Then, on a completely different note, I wanted to throw this picture in- this is our backyard, and this bunny was chasing two squirrels- who knew the suburbs had such nature? There are often bunnies in our yard running around- I hope they don't try to get Audra!


  1. So, do they seem to hold up to the cans and everything? I am going to make all my memory t-shirts into a quilt (even though I'm missing a bunch, oh well), but t-shirts are definitely not something I lack so maybe I'll give it a try. What a great idea. You should take a picture with you and a cart full of "sacks" and groceries so we can get the full idea.

  2. These bags are the best- they can carry anything! They are 300 thousand times better than the plastic store bags. And, I did turn 16 t-shirts in a quilt, then made 13 bags with t-shirts, and still have about 15 or 20 t-shirts in my closet. Is that disgusting or what? So, if anybody has any other ideas of what to do with t-shirts, let me know!

  3. Bunnies in the yard are cute, but are the biggest pest in the world to a gardener. I don't know if you garden at all, but if you do, then you should look into rabbit countermeasures.