Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Love it or hate it??

Here are some before and after shots of the painting. The brown ended up being much darker than we wanted, we wanted a nice warm tan color, but we like this color anyway. Once we get our furniture in we think it will help soften the brown a bit and just be nice and warm. Our painter told us that a lot of the new builders are going with this chocolate color, so I guess we are just being is definitley a polarizing color, either people will really like it or think we are crazy for choosing such a color. I guess it is good that we like it!
Front room before...And after....
The red color is the same that we had in our old house and we really liked it and it matched our furniture and everything already so we just kept it.
Here is from the front door looking up: (a before picture)
Here is from the top of the stairs looking down: (after)
Here Audra is playing with Gizmo in the backyard at Grandma and Grandpa's- trying hard to be "gentle":
And, Gizmo quickly running away from her attacker:


  1. i love the colors! what color brown is it?

  2. It is called La Fonda Boulder from Val-Spur (you should know that brand well from all of your Lowe's days!)

  3. The kitchen and family rooms look WAY better in particular. That red in the kitchen before was a bit umm...bright. I think the khaki color is nice. Very warm.

  4. What a beautiful house! Good taste in colors.