Tuesday, October 14, 2008

From the Cutest Pumpkin

Well, it's almost time for Halloween so I had to show off our little pumpkin! This isn't her Halloween costume, my friend Cynde let me use this little sweat outfit, but she sure looks cute!!!

This picture is proof I'm a horrible mother: She loves to wrap herself in string. Not the safest, but I am always right next to her and I carefully unwrap her after she has her fun!!

So, Happy Halloween a little early from the cutest pumpkin in the world!!!


  1. What is it about little kids trying to kill themselves? Anything that can possibly go around his neck, goes around N's neck. Phone cords, belts, etc. and he thinks it's so much fun. I have never let him play with string, but it doesn't make you a horrible parent, just one in desperate need of ways to amuse your child, and we all understand that one.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement!! Yes, danger seems to be lurking wherever Audra is present!!