Wednesday, October 29, 2008


My friend posted this on her blog, and I LOVED it so I stole it to post here! Happy Halloween!


  1. that is great!. thanks for the advice about the flying with logan. i think we are going to use it. :)

  2. Terry has this blown up at his office. He works on foreclosure homes for his job and so to them this was the joke of the month. Too bad it's true!

    Have a great Halloween with your sweet pea!

  3. There are a few vacant and/or foreclosed houses in my neighborhood, which will probably be disappointing for the hundreds of kids whose parents drive them to my cookie-cutter house neighborhood because it is easy to trick-or-treat there. Yet another reason why I will not be at home tomorrow night.

    But yeah, a vacant, foreclosed house just looks spooky. It's more than the neglected yard work and vandalism, though. It's like a zombie house or something. You know, the body is there, but there is no soul or something....