Sunday, October 26, 2008

Scary Movie

My friend posted her favorite Halloween movies, so I thought I would throw a shout out to some of my favorites as well- and you all can give me your suggestions, maybe Ben and I will try a new one this year!!!

By far, the scariest movie I have ever seen: Skeleton Key

This is the movie where I learned Ben is scared of scary movies, too- we had to turn it off and finish it the next day when it was light outside and we both had nightmares for weeks- BUT the story was awesome with incredible twists. I will NEVER watch it again- EVER- but if you have never seen it and you like scary/suspenseful/crazy movies, this will fit that bill! (I did read some reviews where people said it was "lame" and I don't know how anybody could think that! But, then again, we are not scary movie people so if you are, maybe this one isn't as scary as I think it is- let me know!!!!)

Best Halloween Show:

Who doesn't love this all-time classic- The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown? Definitely my favorite Halloween show!

Suspenseful Classic: Psycho

It is rated "R", but 1960's "R" (I know that isn't really an excuse!!!). Anyway, this one was just bizarre, crazy, Halloween insane! Do they show it on TV?

Hmm...I really can't think of any can tell we are not scary movie people! What are your favorites??? Happy Halloween!!


  1. The Ring and Poltergeist - I will never look at staticy TV stations the same again because of those two movies. A lighter one would be Beetlejuice. Back when Keaton was cuter, sort of.

  2. When I was like 5 my parents had us watch Poltergeist- that is NOT a good movie for a 5 year old!! I should rent it now and see if it really was that scary...

    I don't know if I can handle The Ring- that does sound really scary!

  3. Watcher in the Woods. It's a PG-rated Disney film, but it scared me when I was a kid. It's very suspenseful. The last time I saw it was in college, and it still scared me.

  4. I think I remember seeing Watcher in the Woods once- and you are right, for a Disney movie, it is VERY scary! Definitely not a kid movie!! I bet Ben hasn't seen it, so that might be a good one to get for Halloween...