Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Ben's dream since junior high has been to host a Japanese Exchange Student like his friend, so this week is his opportunity: Masanari Tsuyisi arrived Monday night and is staying with us for the week- leaving Saturday morning.What can be better for a Japanese teenager then playing the Wii in America?
Or eating a Subway sandwich?
Or sining in a group to the American host families?

We are very excited to have him here- tonight we are going to Goonter Toody's, and Friday we are headed to Casa Bonita. What an exciting adventure!!


  1. what a fun experience for you guys!! I'm glad Ben's dream has come true. :) do you guys speak japanese?

  2. Do we speak Japanese? Let me put it this way...last night Ben and Masanari spent 20 minutes laughing at me because I couldn't pronounce his last name, and then when I told Ben to pronounce it, he flatly refused!

  3. I just googled Gooner Toody's because I have never heard of that before and it pulled up your blog! What is Goonter Toody's? How fun that you have a cultural experience right in your own home! Can Audra teach Shanelle Japenese the next time they get together? :)

  4. That's a little scary that my blog came up- how funny!!

  5. I'm glad Ben is living his dream. Looks like he totally got an American teenager experience!