Sunday, December 12, 2010

If You Don't Take A Picture, It Never Happened

A friend of mine has four teenagers and then a 3-year-old. Because she never took pictures when the teenagers were little, they think they never did anything. So, here is more proof that we do take our kids on various adventures!

Last night we decided to take them to Chatfield Botanical Gardens to see the lights. Audra is in LOVE with lights this year! Honestly, she could have stayed for another 3 hours- especially because by the time we found the children's Christmas village with tons of cool things for kids to do, we had to leave because Claire was no longer cooperating. Poor thing- we had her nicely bundled up, but she was still freezing. Her poor little hands were ice cold and bright red- after an hour in the 30 degree temperature, it was time to go. So, like most activities, we left with two screaming children: one screaming because of the cold, one screaming because they wanted to stay longer.

 My new favorite picture:

 We went with Audra's friend Korryn (and Korryn's family). Now when we are going to meet up with her, Audra will ask, "What is Kory going to wear?" Apparently she wants to coordinate outfits.

Overall, it was a great- but VERY cold- night!
(On a related note, the weather here has actually been incredibly warm. We have had almost no moisture since August- seriously. Luckily, the mountains seem to be getting quite a bit of snow, so maybe we won't have a huge drought come next summer. Of course, I was reminded by a friend that we will probably get 10 feet dropped on us at once at some point. I am not looking forward to that storm...)


  1. I'm sorry you had to deal with too crying kids. I don't like dealing with one. It looks like a fun place though. And, I also really like the picture of you and Audra. Cute!

  2. When we forget our camera, H&E will turn to us, smile, and say "Mom/Dad take a picture in your mind". Very cute, but not nearly as effective as an actual camera.

  3. We always leave places with 2 kids screaming and for the same reasons yours do. Livi can't stand being in one place for too long and is always demanding to go home. Logan on the other hand could stay forever at any one place if we let him. :)
    Beautiful pictures, by the way!