Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Traditions Continue

Tonight we continued two Christmas traditions. Tradition #1:
Visiting the most awesome Christmas house I've ever seen:

Tradition #2: Horrible family Christmas pictures
This year, we went with some wonderful friends and then afterwards they came to our house for hot chocolate and cookies. That was a blast and I think we will have that be a new tradition!

Here are some more pictures of the fun!

This is what a picture looks like when Claire tries to take the picture with you:
Here are Claire and I hanging out:
Yes, that is Claire still in a Baby Bjorn. One would think by 17 months she would hate this thing, but she actually seems to prefer it for places like the grocery store and places like this. Luckily, she only weighs 19 lbs, so it doesn't hurt my back- yet.

Audra walked up to this toy soldier and said, "Ohhhh, a robot!"
Here is the best picture I could get of Audra with her little friends. They were busy running around trying to see everything, so a picture of all of them proved almost impossible.
Then, just for fun, here are some pictures of Audra right before we left. I just thought she looked so beautiful- I am really not looking forward to the teenage years!

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  1. That looks like a super fun evening! Claire does look a little big for the baby bjiorn, but who cares if she likes it and it keeps her from running away?