Monday, December 13, 2010

Merry Gift-Mas

Today on the radio I actually heard a commercial where the spokesman said, "Merry Giftmas." Of course, I was appalled. I mean, talk about taking Christ out of Christmas and replacing it with what matters least this holiday season! I still stand firm by that, but then later today I saw a video on THIS blog. About 3 months ago they lost their 18 month old daughter, Preslee, in a drowning accident. It's a beautiful blog if you ever get a chance to read it, but if not- she posted this video about the TRUE meaning of Christmas and I thought I would share.

At the end it talks about the gifts we can give Christ for Christmas- being kind and loving others, etc. I used this for our Family Home Evening tonight to try and teach Audra what Christmas is really about, and it went well. Audra got it- at least for a few minutes.

So now when I think of that horrible commercial, I will think not of the gifts that I am buying or receiving, but the gifts of the heart that I can give to Christ.

But, in general, I will wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

After watching the video, the girls made Christmas ornaments for the tree.

Audra made Rudolph, Claire made a wreath:
 We didn't want Claire to actually hold her ornament because we knew she would rip it apart, so here is Claire near her ornament:
 I can't help it, I think she is just so incredibly cute, so here's another picture with her holding both ornaments:

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  1. First of all - I have no idea how you get such cute pictures and get your kids to wear certain things and cooperate. Clearly I am doing something wrong here. I love the ornaments! And, of course you know we are not religious, or even Christian. However, I LOVE Christmas. And I respect the origins of the holiday. And also believe it is a time for us to be kind to each other, and gather with our family and friends and appreciate one another, and help those less fortunate. I just love it. (oh, and I do follow that blog too).