Friday, May 13, 2011

The Calm Before The Storm

In a few hours I will have lots of little Princesses running around the house for Audra's Birthday party, but while Claire is napping and Audra is out playing with sidewalk chalk, I have just a few minutes before things get crazy, so I thought I would share THIS blog.

It's a young father of 3 who just lost his wife and baby (who she was pregnant with). I believe she died around May 2nd, and he is sharing his thoughts and feelings of the last day he had with her. Be sure and have tissues handy.

In sharing this blog, I realize I might come across at times as one who is looking for these horrible, tragic stories. I really don't seek them out- their just seems to be a lot of people who are going through some pretty horrific trials, and because of the internet we now have access to those stories, whereas before we didn't.

As I have done more genealogy, I have come across several tragic stories in my own family lines. My great-grandmother died in her early thirties, leaving several young children for my great-grandfather to raise. A young couple- distant cousins of mine- died together of typhoid in the 1920's (too bad Carlisle Cullen wasn't there to turn them into vampires- Edward was so lucky). An 11-year-old boy was struck by lightning in his doorway and died. Another distant cousin was run over by a horse and buggy and died.

Tragedy is all around us, and reading these stories makes me so incredibly grateful for the blessings I share with my family. I feel so incredibly blessed, and yet I know that I could lose it all in an instant. So these stories are a reminder to me to be grateful and to cherish everyday I have with the ones I love.

Above all else, I am grateful for eternal families. I am grateful to know that I will have Ben and the girls with me forever. My testimony of families has really been strenghtened.

Most of you probably know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is REALLY big on families. We believe families are central to Heavenly Father's eternal destiny for His children (all of us on the earth). My testimony of His perfect plan for us- of children coming to earth to a mother and father who love them and love each other and will raise their children in truth and honesty and righteousness- has really grown (and yes, I know that truth and honestly and righteousness looks differently for different people, and I think that is OK). For a full description of what we believe in regards to families, click HERE.

I believe the doctrine of eternal families is the most glorious thing EVER. What a blessing to know that God loves us enough to let us continue in our family relationships forever!!!!

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