Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

Today was Audra's Birthday, and even though we already had her party, we wanted to make today a special day. So, we let her decide what restaurant she wanted to go to. Thinking she would choose Chick-fil-A or The Corner Bakery, we thought it would be a fun tradition to start. We might rethink this, because instead she chose The Elephant Bar- a very nice sit-down restaurant. To quote Audra:

"I want to go where we went with Aunt Michelle and I got ice-cream."

I was able to deduce that she really just wanted the ice-cream and was able to convince her to go to Red Robin instead. Which was nice, because The Elephant Bar is a 30 minute drive away, whereas Red Robin is only about 3.

Audra was very excited that she got to choose her restaurant. She told me that was "really fun" and that she was turning 5 tomorrow so she could go to a restaurant again.

During dinner I asked her some questions. Her favorite place: This place. Her favorite animal: A polar bear. Her favorite food: I don't want to answer. Her favorite activity: The restaurant is too loud.

It's strange to think that four years ago today she entered this world, but it is even weirder to think there was ever a time when she wasn't in our lives.

She is such a fun girl. The other day this was our conversation:

Me: Audra, do you want to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house?
A: No, I want to go to Ben's mother's house.

She is fascinated that grandma is Ben's mom and such. It's so cute!!

Audra loves scissors and cutting up the Sunday ads- which is what I let her cut. She obviously LOVES clothes. She doesn't like having her hair brushed- but who does at this age? She loves her baby sister more than anything else. Every morning the second Claire wakes up Audra goes in and keeps her entertained. She loves wrestling with Claire.

Her motivation is privileges. If she isn't eating her dinner, I'll say "That's fine- you don't have to eat your dinner. But if you don't eat your dinner you don't get dessert." She has never gone without dessert.

What else can I say? She's great.

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  1. That's very cute. Tell Audra I liked that place too. But I am with you, Red Robin is a lot easier!