Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Women's Conference

Last weekend I took a quick trip to Seattle- without kids! Woah! It was a super quick trip- only 48 hours- but I had the opportunity to go to a Women's Conference with my mom and sisters, and what could be better? We stayed in a hotel downtown and had some great time together! Plus, I got to have lunch at an awesome restaurant overlooking the waterfront with a dear friend. It was a great trip!
Here are some quotes from the speakers that I really enjoyed and want to remember:

Sheri Dew: "If we could unleash the power of covenant seeking woen, the world would change overnight."
(no, she wasn't there, but she was quoted)

Michael McLean: "I'm only as happy as my least happy kid."

"In the pre-mortal experience, God presented a plan. He said, 'half of you have to hold the priesthood, and half of you have to have babies. Men, you get to choose first."

Dean Hughes: "The scriptures don't teach us to be better than others, just to be better."

"A man only has so much testerone, and if he wants to spend it on growing hair, then that's his choice."

"It's OK to be average!"

"Your gifts may be important, but not as important as your family."

"We need to get the vision of what life is about."

Merry River (referencing the loss of a child): "I know everything will be OK eventually, but that doesn't mean everything is OK right now."

Gordon B. Hinckley (no, he wasn't there either): "People wonder what we do for our women.  I'll tell you what we do: we get out of their way and watch with wonder."

Merilee Boyack: "Your descendants won't care what you wore or your job. But, they will care that you were eternally minded."

"We can reject Satan's message of selfishness."

Whew, and that sums up the great weekend!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I got to go to Time Out when it was here 3 years ago. It made a huge impact on my attitude at the time. Well worth the money. And, even better that you got to go with your mom and sisters.

  2. Thanks for squeezing some time in to see me. :)