Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two of Three- and Other Things

Well, this week hasn't been the best- but it could be infinitely worse, so we are counting our blessings!!!

On Monday Ben hit a biker on the way home from work. Oops!!! Thankfully, the guy was perfectly fine, but his back tired was ruined so we need to replace his back tire. That could have been a lot worse, though, so we are grateful it will only be a couple hundred bucks and VERY VERY grateful that nobody was hurt!!! But, when Ben came home I said, "Well, bad things come in three's, so we have two more to go!"

Last night when Ben came home we heard this loud "CRACK!" We didn't know what it was, but thought it was something from outside and didn't worry about it too much.

But then this morning I hear, "Crap! Our garage door is broken!" The spring actually snapped, and we really can't open it. The lady on the phone said when the spring snaps, you can't open it because all of the pressure of the door goes onto that snapped spring and makes it virtually impossible to open. So, now we are hanging out at home waiting for the garage door fixer to come.

Now we're at 2 for 3! I wonder what the last thing will be...(it's a little ironic because just the other day I was thinking, "oh, how nice- it's been a few months since something on the house broke or we've had some unexpected expense. That feels good." Now I know- never think those thoughts or you are asking for trouble!!!)

But, in a way it is rather humorous and I am trying to think of it that way. It kind of stinks that Ben has to take a vacation day because our cars are held hostage in the garage, but that's not the worst thing in the world!

Today also happens to be Audra's Birthday. In honor of that, I will leave you with this gem:
We were going to a restaurant, so we asked Audra to go get changed out of her Minnie Mouse Dress so we could go. She came down dressed like this and exclaimed, "I'm ready!" Now, tell me, how can you not be happy with life- even when things don't go well- when you've got a character like this living in your house? We are truly blessed- and I am grateful every day for that!!! (and yes, we let her wear that to the restaurant)


  1. Wow, I am glad to hear the biker and Ben are both okay. That is a bummer about the garage door too! Happy Birthday Audra! Like I've said before, I love the clothes she puts on. She looks awesome! I love that you guys let her go out in what she picks!

  2. I sure hope a third thing does not befall you. Sometimes I feel like bad things come in 10s though - but that's probably just *my* luck.

  3. Way to keep a good attitude! I have also gotten myself in trouble with thinking how great things have been going. I love Audra! She makes me laugh in every post.