Monday, May 9, 2011

Highlands Point

On Saturday we decided to take a hike. It was hot. And very steep. And Claire insisted that I carry her the entire time. Nobody else could touch her- it had to be me. It was an adventure to say the least. I was glad when it was over. But, the views were beautiful.

    Audra loved looking through these telescopes that pointed to various landmarks. It really was beautiful.

                   She looks cute in this picture, but she was pretty much crying the entire time. Sigh.

              FINALLY, she let Ben hold her. Well, not really. Ben just took her and ran down the                      hill to give my poor arms a respite.
Even though Claire was so incredibly whiny and clingy and klutzy (she kept tripping and then crying and crying and crying, then falling again), it was really pretty and it was nice to get out in nature. Ben bikes this trail frequently and loves it (I would never venture to bike that trail- it really is steep!). I don't know that I ever need to go back, but it was nice to go to once.

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