Friday, January 2, 2009

Best In-Laws Ever!

Without a doubt, I have the best in-laws! They are so incredibly good to us, and to Audra! A lot of people have both sets of grandparents to help baby-sit, but we just have Mac and Ann, and whenever we need them, they are there to help us out!!!! Audra is really lucky to have such wonderful grandparents nearby!!!

Last night Ben and I had a real date! We went to dinner (Cheesecake Factory- YUM!) and a movie (Seven Pounds- more on that in a minute). Mac and Ann said they would watch Audra and put her to bed! Yippee!!!! All day I kept telling Audra, "tonight you are going to be with Grandma and Grandpa and they are going to put you to bed. Is that OK?" And she would shake her head "yes." Then, Ann said that Audra LOVED having them put her to bed (I am not surprised by this- she loves it when they come to our house and she gets to show off her toys to them in her house). Ann said she was showing off and being really goofy and fun, as if they were having a great slumber party! Good for Audra- and HUGE THANK YOU TO MY IN-LAWS!!!!! It is so wonderful to have them nearby, and when Ben got his big job offer to the East Coast, being so far from family was one of the main reasons we didn't take the job- it is such a huge blessing, and we are very grateful that they are so good to us!!!

Well, like I said, we went and saw Seven Pounds. I would recommend the movie- it was very well done, and I thought Will Smith was fantastic- I hope he gets an Oscar nod. However, it isn't a movie you need to see in the theatre in my opinion- unless someone is going to tell you the ending!!! Don't let anybody tell you how it ends- that would literally ruin the entire movie! So, if you can keep the ending a secret until it comes out on video, I would say wait to rent it. And, make sure you have some tissue!
It was great to go to the theatre- I think the last time Ben and I went together was for Bourne Ultimatum. We don't get to the theatres too often!!!!


  1. Isn't it awesome when you get a real date?!!! I say get as many as you can before the baby comes! :)

  2. I'm glad you had a real date! We are still needing one of those.
    About Seven Pounds...I haven't seen it, but was told about the ending. Needless to say, I don't care if I don't see it, but will probably rent it anyway just to see how it really goes.

  3. Yeah for you guys! Friday is our magic night each week and we love it! I was wondering about the movie too. Thanks for the opinion! Hope you had a great holiday together! Each year they get older, the funner it gets!

  4. Yah - Jason and I haven't been to a theater since Ratatouille a couple weeks before Nathan was born. We got lots of offers while we were in San Diego to babysit while we went, but wouldn't ya know it: there was nothing we really wanted to see. Bummer.