Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Test and an Assignment

Audra had her audiology appointment today. She is being tested to see if there are any problems hindering her speech. She passed with almost flying colors- she has a little "water on the ear" or something, but they are pretty sure it is because of this cold she is just now getting over. So, apparently she just has no interest in talking- but she goes in again in February for a full evaluation. I am actually really impressed with all that they do- it is all through the school district, and they are fantastic!

Then, I got an assignment that I am struggling with a little bit. I have been asked to talk to the youth at church about my divine purpose in womanhood at this stage of my life- i.e., being a young mom. I am having trouble with knowing which direction to take this, so I thought I would ask you all for advice. Whether you are religious or not, whether you work or stay at home, most of you who read my blog are young mothers, and so I ask: What joys are you finding at this point of your life? What do you feel your purpose/divine destiny is as a young mom?
I am hoping by reading your answers I might be guided to know which direction to take with this! And, for you men out there who read my blog, I think it would be really neat to hear what you have to say about your wives who are mothers- what do you think about their divine role as mothers at this stage?


  1. I've been thinking about this a little bit lately. I think having children under the age of three that we do a lot that is important to their later development. They won't remember this period of their life, but they will remember the little things we teach them- like how to pray, go to church regularly, say please and thank you, etc.
    Often what we do for our children goes unrewarded, except in the little things they do like telling you they love you or running up and giving you a big hug and telling you that you are their best friend. However, we are shaping their lives in a way that they can be able to reach their divine potential as well as fostering an environment where they can come to understand that they can accomplish anything, eventually without our constant help.
    Not sure if that's what you are looking for, but that is where my thoughts have been lately.

  2. Haha, I just wanted you to think you had tons of comments. Just kidding, I spelt Audra's name incorrectly as I wrote that I'm glad nothing was wrong with her ears.

  3. Well, as a young mother myself.... Oh, wait. As the husband of a young mother, I am happy to comment on the divine purpose of motherhood and how it has affected Lisa.

    It's surprising sometimes how easily a lot of the parenting things have come for Lisa. It takes me a lot longer to learn how to be a good dad, but Lisa seems to have an innate ability to be a good, loving, and patient mom. Goodness knows I get frustrated much more easily and quickly than she does.

    There is clearly a difference between kids I know that have been raised by daycare centers versus those I know who have been raised by their stay-at-home moms. Even though it means a whole lot more work outside the home for me, it makes it worth it when I come home to a toddler giggling and running up to me for hugs and kisses, followed shortly by his mom for the same.

    It's impossible to list all of the benefits of Lisa staying at home with Joshua rather than pursuing other interests. All I know is that when I see her influence on him and our home in general, I know that she is definitely fulfilling her divine purpose and is doing far more good in her chosen role than I would be able to if we switched places.

  4. Someone told me the story of how a friend of theirs passed away at a young age due to a brain anurism (sp?). She said the funeral was tough because the husband and three daughters (little stairsteps) were devastated. She continues to be close with the family and pointed out the infinite importance of a mother by her observations of those who had to grow up without one. I think we take our role for granted sometimes and maybe we don't give it the credit it deserves. They need us more than we know.

  5. I had to do the same thing. You have got to read this article by Patricia Holland. It is called

    "One thing needful"

    It helped me so much!

    Good luck

  6. Here's a comment that someone made in my Relief Society last Sunday. We were talking about how to make time for the Savior and feel the Spirit in our everyday lives. One lady said that a lot of times we try to separate the household things we do (cooking, cleaning, etc) from the spiritual things we need to do. This sister said that we really shouldn't do that because we do the cooking and cleaning to serve our families and that's part of our divine role.

    I was kind of struggling with all of the tedious, mundane things I have to do and that comment made me think of my role in a whole new light. It's easier for me to think of taking care of a home that way instead of as chores. (I hope that made some sense and good luck! You'll do a great job with this topic!)

  7. Thank you everybody! Your comments have been awesome! I think it turned out well...I had been praying and pondering what to talk about all week- and I read that article, which was excellent Susie!- and at the grocery store on Saturday it all came together as I was walking up and down the aisles (I didn't have Audra with me and I guess that was my time to hear the Spirit!).