Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Little Bragging

Sometimes, you just have to brag- and today is one of those days. Perhaps it is because tomorrow is our anniversary (stay tuned for a fun look back at our wedding day tomorrow), or because Ben came home pretty proud of himself after work yesterday. Either way, I just gotta say- I got the best husband in the world (I hope all of you are saying, "no, my husband is the best husband in the world" to which I will edit my last comment to say, "I married the best man in the world for me"-is that better?).

Ben is probably the smartest man in the universe- honestly. He graduated top of his class with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in math. He is just brilliant! Then, at work, they keep giving him all these problems to figure out or software to develop, and they will give him like 3 months to finish it, but he always finishes in about 2 weeks. This has been a recurring theme with him at work, and it always amazes his bosses. In fact, he switched jobs within Lockheed a couple of months ago and he has until the end of Janary to finish his first assignment- well, he is now on like assignment 12 because he finishes the projects so quick. His current boss came up to him the other day and said, "do you like what you are doing?" and Ben said yes, and his boss said, "good- but if you don't, let me know. Your old boss has said she is going to try and get you back, and we want to keep you here, so if you don't like what you are doing, let us know and we will switch you to an assignment you like." In this recession, we are so very grateful that he is a very wanted commodity in the work force!!!

Anyway, yesterday he came home pretty pleased with himself because they have assigned him this problem with the software that they have had for years and assigned several people to fix, but nobody has been able to fix. Ben is pretty confident (I had to remind him not to get too confident!) that he will be able to fix it. He said, a little pridefully (he is never prideful and is actually very modest about his brilliance, so it was actually really cute to see him be so proud of himself), "I have never not been able to solve a problem- I'll get this." Of course, I know that he will- he is so amazingly smart! He is pretty excited that they are giving him this very difficult problem after only 3 months of being there!!! Knowing him, he'll have it solved in a week:)
Like so many of you, I am so incredibly grateful to be married to such an amazing man! He is such a hard worker who takes great pride in doing his best every day, he is a fabulous father, wonderful husband- and, in four years of marriage- I have NEVER had to ask him to take the trash out- not once! Wow! What more could a girl want in her dream man?


  1. That Ben, he's one smart dude.

    I'm proud to say that I looked up to my cousin Ben growing up and I'm glad to see he's done so well for himself and his family.

  2. You are one very lucky wife! To never have to ask for the trash to be taken out?! Wow! I can only wish! :)

  3. I remember in college the only thing you said you wanted in a man was someone who would take out the trash. Well, it looks like you got that and even more! I'm happy for you two! Happy almost anniversary! I can't believe it has been 4 years already. Time flies doesn't it?

  4. So, I just have to say that Ben read this and was like, "OK," and then he read Jeremy's comment and almost started tearing up and said, "he looked up to me?" It is so hard to please men sometimes, isn't it?