Sunday, January 11, 2009

Giraffes Stink!

Yesterday was free day at the zoo (I love that!), and I learned something: giraffes and elephants REALLY REALLY REALLY stink! That should not have been a surprise, but it has been awhile since I have been to the zoo (makes me wonder what Africa smells like). This is Daddy and Aud in front of the giraffes- what we thought for sure would be Audra's favorite because she loves giraffes, but, alas, she was not too impressed with them (perhaps because of the smell).

She did, however, LOVE this guy:She was in her stroller, unbuckled, and as soon as she saw the polar bear, she jumped up and said "oohhhh!" and couldn't stop staring at him. It was very cute, and we were surprised because she doesn't seem to care about bears in any of her books- oh, well.

Here she is watching the bear with grandpa holding her:

And, she also really enjoyed the tropical exhibits- including the snakes- YUCK! It was neat because she could walk right up to the glass- she was the perfect height. She especially enjoyed the tropical fish with all of their pretty colors. They reminded Ben and I of our cruise- sigh. Someday we will get to go again...I think in this picture she is in front of the commoda dragons.Thanks, Arienne, for telling us about the free day! It was a blast, and surprisingly was not too crowded! It was a little cold, but not bitter so it was a fantastic day!


  1. You guys do so many fun things! We haven't taken Joshua to the zoo yet, but I think he would like it.

  2. Do you think the giraffes smelled so bad this time because you're pregnant? I think my sense of smell was magnified about 20 times when I was pregnant. Sounds fun. I admire you for braving the zoo in the cold. I'm waiting until summer.

  3. Ha! I had to suppress a chuckle when I read "commoda dragon." It looks an awful lot like "commode dragon," which would be a scary monster for sure. Just so you know, the animal is a komodo dragon. :-D