Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Not Just Me That's Paranoid!

We got this e-mail today from our bishop (spiritual leader at church). It comes from a member of our stake (large regional area containing several wards, or congregations):

I wanted to share with you some alarming happenings in our ward boundaries. Please send this information out to all RS Presidents (leaders of the women's groups' of our church) so they can share this information with their sisters.
Last week a sister in our ward had her home broken into while she was home. The man rang the door bell and knocked, she didn't answer because she had just woke up, the man then proceeded to her back door, threw a large rock breaking the glass and proceeded to enter her home. She saw him from her upstairs landing and yelled- scaring him away. The next day a sister in our ward answered her door to a man posing as an ADT home security Representative, he had no ID or clothing showing he was from ADT, he just carried a clip board. When she answered he just said he was checking with customers to make sure they were happy with their systems and if they were working properly. We have had other sisters report similiar happenings. Today in the Weatherstone neighborhood two men again posing as ADT Security represenative and salesmen, knocked on a sisters door. They again had no ID, they were wearing baggy jeans and carring clip boards, she simply told them she wasn't interested and called the sheriffs department. ADT has confirmend they DO NOT send out people going door to door either to sell or to check on customers. So if someone says they are from ADT immediately send them away and call the non emergency phone # for Douglas County 303-660-7500. It seems that a group of men (one sister said they looked like young boys) are casing neighborhoods trying to find targets for breakins. Sisters please be alert and cautious, if you suspect something is not right call the sheriff's department. I don't want to instill fear, but I just want to warn all the sisters in our Stake so they can be vigilant.

Christina again:
The Spring Gulch Ward is very close to where we live, so needless to say, this e-mail is quite disturbing. But, it is even more disturbing because we had somebody from Affordable Home Solutions come and give us a quote on an ADT system after they knocked on our door, and we have somebody coming out tomorrow to install the system. While everything seemed legit, I called ADT anyway to make sure. Thankfully, they are legit, and now I am very grateful that we decided to make the investment to get the system installed! How scary! There has been a 400% increase in burglaries since the economy tanked in our area, so it is always good to watch out!!! I thought I would post this to warn others (not that you should get a security system, but to be careful when somebody comes to your door!!!). I mentioned this same kind of crime happening in the Jefferson County area, now it looks like it is becoming more widespread, so I thought those of you living in this area would like to have this info.


  1. How scary! I hope you guys stay safe.

  2. Oh my goodness, this is terrible! Yes, stay safe! Thanks for the warning.