Monday, March 9, 2009

Audra's Latest Antics

Here is Audra's most recent fascination:

The key word: WATER! As soon as we turn a sink on for any reason, she races as fast as she can, gets a stool or chair to pull over, and puts her hand under the water. This is normally more of just a small annoyance (getting jammed in the leg with a stool), but if there are dishes in the sink (I know you all noticed the dirty dinner dishes in the sink), she will play for hours in the dirty water soaking the pans or whatever, and then get mad when you try to do the dishes. I had to take this picture, though, so that when she is older and is complaining about doing the dishes all the time, I can prove to her that at one point she BEGGED to do them!


  1. that's not a bad idea to take a picture and use it later. :) logan loves to do the dishes now too. and he's just as fascinated with water as audra, or so it seems. little kids are just so cute!

  2. Tyler loves playing in the water too. He enjoys splashing it everywhere and filling up cups and trying to drink them and spilling it all over himself. He hasn't wanted to do the dishes yet like Audra. Must be because he is a boy. :) ha!