Monday, March 30, 2009

We All Fall Down

We have had a rough couple of days in our neck of the woods, and I fear there are 1-2 more in our future. I woke up Saturday not feeling very well, then woke up Sunday feeling much worse-sore throat, head congestion, overly tired. I thought I was going to pass out all during church, and finally we left early. Then, Ben took Audra to his parents house without me so I could just rest, and Audra fell down pretty hard and cut her lip. She has done this twice before in the past month, but this time it left her with a fat lip. I'm not sure if you can tell in these pictures, but it is pretty sad. But, it's all just part of growing up and she doesn't seem to mind at all.

Then, I am miserable today which means Audra pretty much has free reign to do whatever she wants. I am envious that when Ben is sick he really just gets to lay in bed and get better! I have to admit, when he is home he is absolutely wonderful in doing everything so I can rest and I am incredibly grateful that he is so good to me, but he can't very well take off of work to take care of me, so when he is at work it is a little harder. But, Audra is apparently sick as well because she not only took a morning and afternoon nap, she also cuddled with Mama! She NEVER cuddles unless she is sick- that's actually one thing I like about her being sick, is that I can actually hold her. Audra has never liked to snuggle- ever. Part of me hopes this next baby is a big snuggler, but then the independent personality Audra has also has many perks. We'll just see what this next baby brings!

Anyway, hopefully we will all be better soon! Another positive thing about being sick- Ben's bringing home dinner tonight! YIPPEE!!!

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  1. I hope you guys feel better soon! Joshua has croup - ugh. It's no fun watching your little one be sick.