Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Prayers, Please!

It seems like our list of people to pray for in our family prayers each night gets longer and longer. But, I believe in miracles and in the power of prayer, so I wanted to ask you all for some prayers. Not for us, but for Cici. Many of you have been following the story of Cici, the daughter of my good friends Matt and Jenny. You can read more about their story at but I am sure you remember that they are the ones with a 3- year-old son and twin daughters and one of the daughters had the choking accident and ended up with severe brain damage.

This weekend they are going to do some experimental treatments that have shown great promise in children with similar brain damage. I can't explain it because honestly I don't understand it, but they have to fly to meet a Californian doctor for a few days for the treatment and then they will hopefully see improvements in 3-6 months. It is actually incredibly exciting, and it is amazing to me the awesome things doctors can do now. But, I would ask that you pray that their flight will not be cancelled due to snow (we are expecting a HUGE snowstorm tomorrow) and that this treatment will prove beneficial and Cici will see some improvements.

Matt and Jenny- I am so excited that you have this opportunity and I pray it will help Cici!!! Best of luck- we love you guys!!!!

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