Friday, March 27, 2009

Delightful Damager

I am trying not to use the term "terrible twos" to describe my not-quite-2-year-old who has certainly entered this stage. I don't want to think of this whole next year as entering a "terrible" time period, so what are some other names I could use to describe my ornery, cute, stubborn, defiant, laughing, smiling, frustrating, wonderful, daughter at this stage of her life?

Rampant Runner
Stubborn Sunshine
Curious George (meaning: into everything she should not be into)
Hurtful Helper (she likes to help- but pouring water all over my cookbook doesn't really qualify as helping, does it?)

Or, probably the best description as Ben likes to remind me: Your mother's daughter. I suppose my mom thinks it's wonderful that I am not getting pay back for my own little stubbornness and "my way or the high way" attitude.

Sometimes this attitude is not SOOOO bad:

She is in this stage where she doesn't want to wear pants and she wants to pick out her outfit everyday. After trying to get her to wear pants all day, but her continually taking them off and running around pantsless, I finally was able to get her to wear this lovely outfit. Oh, well. Matching clothes is not a battle I am willing to fight right now.

Sometimes, this time of life is much worse then hideous outfits:

This lovely tantrum is a result of her not being able to tell me what she wants to snack on. After finishing her raisins happily, she all of a sudden burst into screams. I spent the next five minutes asking, "do you want ___________?" and her immediately responding, "yeah" and then as I go to give them to her, her yelling, "NOOOOO!!!!" Finally, she settled on some yogurt.

So, now we are dealing with our Toddler Troubles. I heard about an article that said that if your toddler is defiant and strong-willed, that is good because they get their little attitudes out now and end up being wonderful teenagers. I don't know if this article is true or not, but I am running with it and saying it is!! At this rate, she will be the BEST teenager the world has ever seen!!!!

On another note, we did get pounded with snow yesterday. Ben was able to come home from work early- which was wonderful because Audra was going crazy cooped up inside the house! He made it home OK (thankfully), but couldn't pull into our driveway because the snow was too deep. Then, this morning he spent 45 minutes digging himself out of the snow and went to work with wet pants.

Matt and Jenny's flight was cancelled, but they are keeping high spirits and have rescheduled everything for next month, so hopefully everything will work out then. I am sure it will!!!


  1. We are right there with you! Tessa insisted on wearing a dress yesterday. I made her wear pants and she had a melt down because her dress didn't twirl right with her pants on. She might have been right, but I wasn't about to say so! :P

  2. You're making me glad I have a boy. He could care less what I put on him as long as it involves shoes and a coat so he can go outside.