Monday, March 2, 2009

Precious Moments

I know you are looking at these pictures and thinking, "wow. That's cool- Christina pulled out some old pictures from last summer to post." But, then you look a little closer and realize Audra is too big to be pictures from last summer. So, then you think, "oh, Christina is superimposing Audra in some pictures of the Caribbean. Why did she choose such an ugly picture of the Caribbean to superimpose her- brown grass, no ocean? That's sure odd." Well, the answer is that I didn't do that either- this is Audra. Today. In Denver. March 2nd. The coldest and snowiest and wettest month of the year in Colorado. Hanging out in 74 degree weather! Yes, folks, you heard that correctly- we broke the record set in 1901 today for hottest weather on March 2nd in Denver, CO.

I took Audra out with her friend Chloe who I baby-sit twice a week to a park. The video is them running around chasing each other. They did this for quite some time (I know my videoes are often not the most exciting, but my mom lives far away and I want to share her granddaughter with her). Anyway, sitting back and watching the two of them run, laugh, play, and have the grandest time ever, I realized how happy I am to be in this particular phase of my life. Audra is such a joy- with her feisteness, her kisses, her orneryness, her infectious laugh, her beauty and the frustration that she brings with her. I feel so blessed to be her mother, and I wanted to capture today- take a snapshot of her at this most perfect time, most precious of moments. I know she will one day be a teenager and not want to be around her mom, and I dread that day. I know there will be trials that will come into our lives, I know that having a newborn on top of a wild toddler will be a challenge. But, today I didn't care about any of those things. I didn't care about the economy or worry about Ben's job. I just enjoyed Audra- the light that she brings into our lives. Someday, these moments will be gone. So I wil take today- and forget about the Caribbean.

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  1. Heat wave! Watch, you'll get snow next week or something.
    I am enjoying the toddler-phase too. Even though there is an occasional meltdown, it is a very rewarding phase. The little ones are so full of energy, but also so full of love. You'll survive a #2 because this time you know that rough early-phase doesn't last forever. Last time you didn't know that. :) I'm wondering how I'm going to survive until my #2 gets here...this has been a rough one.