Monday, August 3, 2009

Claire's Blessing

Sometimes Ben and I are a little unorthodox- and that suits us just fine. For Claire's blessing, we decided to do things differently than most, and it was the absolute best!!! In our church, rather then getting baptized as a baby, the baby is given a name and a blessing (the blessing is given as a protectant against Satan- I just learned that and I think that is so cool!!!!). Normally this is done at church, but we decided we wanted to keep it small and intimate and so we did the blessing at our house instead. It was wonderful! My parents, Ben's parents, and my cousins and their familes who live in the area were there, and it was perfect. I am so glad we decided to keep it small because it made it really special somehow. Of course, it is special anyway- it's just that this way suited Ben and me perfectly. Anyway, Claire looked gorgeous (duh!) and it was a very spiritual experience.

Is that a smile on Claire's face? Of course!

A note about Claire's dress: It's the same dress Audra wore, and Audra was so mad that Claire was going to wear it! When she saw me grab it, she started yelling, "no mine!". Then she grabbed it and ran into her bedroom and slammed the door. My mom and I bribed her with fruit snacks to get her out of the bedroom and hand over the dress.

My dad, Ben, and Brother Olsen who is in our bishopric blessed her. It was a small group of men, but it was perfect for us!


  1. You all look wonderful- what a pretty baby!!

  2. I think this post wins the award for most exclamation points. Claire looks great, as do the rest of you. Another interesting fact, did you know that there is absolutely no reason or requirement to wear white for the baby's blessing? That is just a Mormon cultural thing. We haven't done the white dress thing, although Clair's is beautiful, because I never found one that I liked. And I think boys look ridiculous in all white. But that is just my opinion and I don't mind it when other people dress their boys in white. For things that require all white, I absolutely support that, just thought you would find that interesting as well.

  3. When I see that dress, I think of when Audra was blessed and we drove down to FW for it and I was huge w/Nathan (and feeling really hot, if I remember correctly). :) That's funny that Audra had such strong feelings about that being her dress, but what a keepsake for you to have.
    I agree w/Michelle. Boys just don't look that great in white and I could never find anything suitable that wasn't full of crosses and meant for a christening. I had to go with something somewhat ordinary and probably will again.

  4. So beautiful! You are right - all the trouble your monster and mine could get into. They are each full of ideas!