Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On To Fun Stuff

Feel free to continue commenting on the post below, but I promised an update on the two cutest girls, so here goes.

I am attempting to potty train Audra and that is not going well. I started yesterday and almost quit but my mom insisted I needed to persevere. The thing is, I don't want this to be a battle. She is still young and I don't want to rush her- I want this to be her accomplishment, not mine. But, she had been showing an interest- making her bears go potty and such- so I thought I would give it a try. But yesterday she started crying about sitting on the potty and she didn't want to wear her underwear. Today did not go any better- 5 accidents, no successes. I'll try again tomorrow, but if it doesn't go better then I think I will put her back in diapers and wait a couple more months. Any thoughts from more experienced moms?
In other news, we got a huge box filled with Build-a-Bears from a friend of a friend, and Audra has just been in Heaven playing with them.

Then last week one of my best friends came into town for the week to help with the girls. It was so wonderful to have her here!!! I, and the girls, miss her- come back, Adina! One day I took her to see Garden of the Gods, and Audra had a fantastic time- and looked so cute!She kept going and climbing on the rocks and then coming over and saying, "more rocks please. More rocks."

Claire is still doing great. She LOVES the Moby Wrap, but the only problem is that she pretty much needs to be in the Moby Wrap or held to sleep- this includes at night. We had a similar situation with Audra. Basically, Claire sleeps on my stomach at night and I hope that I don't roll over on top of her. But, I actually feel quite rested despite this. I don't ever actually "get up" with Claire because she is right there, so that is nice, and she falls right back to sleep- whereas Audra would wake up and refuse to fall back asleep so I would be up for hours at a time with her. One other thing about the wrap is that I really do feel incredibly bonded with Claire- despite not having as much one-on-one time with her as I did with Audra. It's really cool. I'll post more pictures of her soon- I need to take a lot more!!!

One last thing. Some of you have been worried about Ben's job upon hearing Lockheed was laying off several hundred employees. While we are very sorry to those who are losing their jobs, we are also grateful that we are not affected. These lay-offs are occurring in the Space program area of Lockheed, and that is not what Ben does. So at least for now Ben continues to have a job- thank goodness for the blessings of tithing.

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