Thursday, August 20, 2009

Good Job!

No trickery here- everybody got it right! Audra is baby #1, and Claire is baby #2.

We think there are definite similarities and they look like siblings, but that they also have distinct differencts. The bridge on Claire's nose is more pronounced and her nose is pointed a little farther down then Audra's was. Also, Claire has a rounder face. But, thier mouths are the same. A lot of people have said Claire looks like me- I don't know if that is true because I can't tell.

In the pictures, Claire was a little older then Audra was, so that is why she looks so much bigger. But, Claire also IS bigger then Audra was- she is a much better eater and is filling out wonderfully.

Today Claire is 6 weeks old- the height of fussiness in babies- and she is still a dream baby!! This makes me SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY- I can't even tell you guys!!!

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