Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stop The Ignorance!!!

This was on the Political Moms site and I thought I would put it here as well because it is so frustrating! (Plus, some of you like to listen to my political rants, and if you don't, you just don't have to read it:))

I am not necessarily a Barney Frank fan. I don't know much about him, don't really care to- BUT, after seeing this, he has jumped sky high on my likeability meter.

I know some of you don't like Obama- in fact, probably most of you reading this are not fans. That's fine- in America, we can choose sides, and that's a wonderful thing about America. But, to call him Hitler and people who like him Nazi's is the most repugnant and ignorant statement you**

can make, so I am thrilled that Barney Frank finally stood up to this nonsense!

You all know I didn't like Bush. But I never said he was Hitler. I am not a fan of John McCain, but I never said he was a Nazi. I can't stand Sarah Palin, but I never compared her to the Gestapo. Why have I never done that? BECAUSE THERE IS NO COMPARISON. Neither of these people ever mass murdered their own people. None of them ever pulled anybody's brain out of their nostrils while they were still breathing. None of them ever killed a child in front of their parents- or worse, made the mom decide which child of hers would live and which would die. And guess what. OBAMA HASN'T DONE ANY OF THOSE THINGS EITHER- AND NEITHER HAVE HIS SUPPORTERS!

Our society tosses around the term "Nazi" as if we are capable of understanding how horrible they were and what they really did. From the Soup-Nazi on Seinfeld to students calling their strict teachers Nazis, it is a repulsive trend that needs to end. What a disgrace to the memory of those who were tortured under that heinous regime to compare our country and our circumstances to theirs. I love what Barney Frank said at the end, "talking to you is like talking to a dining room table, and I won't do it." Good for you, Barney Frank!

We can have disagreements and respectful arguements. But don't show off your ignorance by putting Hitler and Obama in the same sentence just because it sounds cool. When you do that, you are showing that you have no understanding of the topic whatsoever and do not deserve the courtesy of being heard.

**By "you", I am referring to the woman on this video and those who do compare Obama to Hitler. Most people reading this do not make such statements, so "you" is simply a general term- not meant to be YOU specifically.

(Back to the cutest girls later today- some exasperating potty training attempts to come- but this really made me mad so I wanted to post)


  1. Jason and I personally think Barney Frank is hilarious and very entertaining. :) This town hall stuff has gotten really out of control. I really wish there was a way to just get the facts - a nice executive summary (that is true) of this 1000 page bill.

  2. You rock Christina! I couldn't agree with you more.

  3. The difference with Democrats is we don't listen to our "entertainers" the likes of Bill Mayer and Michael Moore. They don't control the Democratic party and their shouts from the sidelines are heard by very few. They don't get to pick and chose who gets elected in the primaries and the DNC Chair doesn't bow before them on their radio shows.

    Once again it's all about money. It's okay for America to spend billions on a war but not on the health of its own citizens.

    To me that just doesn't make any sense.

  4. I agree- it's wrong on BOTH sides to make the comparison!!! (I probably didn't notice it 5 years ago because I didn't care about politics and wasn't really listening, but if I had heard it, I hope I would have been just as upset as I am now- even coming from the Dems. It's just wrong, in my opinion). As for health care, I am sure we can all agree that something has to be done- what we have now is NOT working. I hope something gets passed- to me, something is better then nothing.

  5. Yes, I know nobody listens to Bill Maher and Michael Moore...but what about ELECTED DEMOCRATS guilty of the same thing...like Baird did the other day on the floor of Congress.

    And something does need to be done with healthcare...but something is NOT better than nothing.

    In my mind the best immediate solution to drive down insurance costs would be to get rid of the state by state boundaries for insurance providers. Right now CA citizens who are members of Costco can purchase the same great insurance that my brothers get as employees of Costco! And it's cheap. But it's only available in CA due to boundary restrictions put in place to limit competition. If we Costco card carrying members could now purchase that insurance, you can bet all other carriers would start to reduce their costs out here too...right?

  6. Christina, what do you know about this bill and what do you like about it? You and I have very fundamental differences on the role of government. That aside, why rush something that no one even knows about. Our politicians didn't write the bill so how can they know what's in it when they ADMIT they haven't even read it. Why would we want to support them in signing something they don't even know the details of. This is just too huge to pass off so quickly. Yes, something needs to be done, but all too often, when we rush into things we make huge mistakes. I'm not saying that we should sit around and drag our feet. We should be actively looking at options and trying to implement them. But I repeat our elected officials didn't write it! They outsourced it to another organization! They haven't read it, how can they possibly know that this is good for America and is actually going to fix the situation or even better it? How can you be so sure that this is the "something" that needs to be done?

  7. I defintely know we will never agree on health care, no matter how long we debate:) And, I will say that the original post had nothing to do with the health care debate, just about the use of the term "Nazi."
    But, I will say that what I love about this bill is that it requires employers to provide health insurance, and if they don't to pay a small fine. The fine isn't that big, but it would help pay for the public fund. Anyway, I don't want to get into a huge debate (let's not restart the town hall meetings!)- we've hashed and rehasehd on the other sites!

  8. I am not going to comment on the healthcare proposals in question since I really am ignorant of them being overseas. I will tell you though, that in England you pay way more in taxes (something like 50%) to fund all of the socialized programs (i.e. healthcare) and they are still majorly underfunded so you only get the bare minimum in care. And in poorer areas, like where we live, there is often no care available at all. For instance, getting a dentist through the national plan is impossible for many, and specialists in many areas are not available here locally. Many of the English I know still pay for private insurance on top of the taxes they pay towards socialized medicine. No matter how the healthcare reform goes, it will benefit some and hurt others, it will be virtually impossible to find a win-win. But here's to hoping they will. I just don't have that much faith in Congress, or any elected politician, and I work for the government. :)

  9. The title of your post is sadly ironic, because I am not sure you have studied much on Nazism. I recommend that you read Liberal Fasicm by Jonah Goldberg. It is a great book which holds liberals accountable for their historical roots in early 20th Century progessivism in America, and its ties to Nazism in Germany and Fascism in Italy.

    You mentioned some of the brutal acts perpetrated by the Nazis, and those were horrible. But the brutality of some of the Nazis were not what they were originally about. Of course, after power was centralized in the early 1930s, they could get away with such things later on in the regime, including the "final solution". I am sure there were members of the Nazi party that would have found such brutal acts repugnant (have you seen "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" which is a good illustration of this.) But all of the party members believed in the platform of the National Socialists, or Nazi for short. Have you ever wondered what allowed the brutal Nazis to do what they did? It is because they had complete government control. And here is where the analogies or comparison to the current administration may have some merit, as power is being centralized not only in the Federal government, but in the White House specifically.

    Aren't you concerned about the centralization of power? With the healthcare debate, can't you see that once the government controls healthcare they can control our lives completely? It is so obvious that the healthcare bill has nothing to do with reform because it doesn't say a word about Tort reform, which is a huge driver on the ever-increasing costs.

    Of course, the accusations of "Nazi" are not quite accurate, I think that Marxist or communist would be more precise. And that is entirely more concerning. I mean, with over 100 million dead in the 20th Century from that ideology, there should be some concern that the White House Czars and advisors are avowed Marxists. And I think it is obvious that the President is a Marxist. So, with the White House crawling with Marxists even as they centralize power at an amazing pace, I would think that everyone should be concerned about our Liberty.

  10. Christina, the post be "Jen and Travis" was written by Travis. Just an FYI.

  11. Regretting now Christina that you opened this forum?
    The President is a Marxist?
    Good grief.

  12. Perhaps now would be a good time to pull the plug before Ann Coulter desides to weigh in.

  13. Wow! Some people need to get a real hobby.

  14. Well, I think I can infer from Lula's comments that she thinks being a "Marxist" is a bad thing. So that is good start.

    Unsurpisingly, I offer some history with sobering parrallels to today, and all I get is a "good grief" and a "Wow". The depth of thought is really underwhelming. How about producing some facts to refute my assertions? How about producing some evidence that Obama is a capitalist and not a Marxist?

    The bottom line is this, I don't see the executive branch advancing or preserving liberty. To the contrary, they are accelerating tyranny. Freedom of speach hangs by a thread with the Diversity Czar at the FCC. And what has Obama done to repeal the Patriot Act? I guess the Patriot Act was unacceptable in the hands of Bush, but in the hands of the Marxist Obama, it is not worth mentioning. How about explaining how the healthcare bill will advance liberty because it is not really obvious to me?

  15. Because arguing with you with like arguing with a dining room table. Useless.